I Did SomethingWicked

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confession is bad for your reputation

Okay. There is a saying that confession is good for the soul. Okay, it’s hard to do, but it is time to confess.  I did something wicked. Really, really wicked. Last month. And I did it in public. In a store, packed with people. But I couldn’t help it.  And I did not care. I knew it was wicked. Not like the play or the Ray Bradbury storyRay Bradbury and Something Wicked This Way Comes.   And bump Aristotle.aristotle on wicked This was real.

The urge was irresistible, like the cry of the SirensThe sirens 1 to Odysseus.odysseus and the sirens 1 If I had been chained to the mast of a ship, I would have broken the mast.

At first there was just one, and it kept calling my name, “Ron, Ron, Ron”.  But I resisted. And the temptress raised the bar, and as images of Patti AustinPatti Austin Baby Come To Me came into my mind, the one became many, in a chorus, singing  “Baby Come To Me”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUsnVOqrqqE and these words of enchantment: “You know you want us and we want you!” And the temptress then raised the bar higher and started singing “I want you baby” from Dream girls!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6O_tUAJWgM In my mind, I replied, “No I don’t”. Instantly I heard this screaming reply: “Yes you do! And you will really, really enjoy us. It’s been a very long time.” And so, I gave in.

I reached out and grabbed, not just one, but 49! That’s how many flavors were in the jar of Kirkland Signature Gourmet Jelly Beans! Kirkland 4 pound jar of jelly beansAnd they were right, I enjoyed each flavor. Geri did too! They were wickedly good!

And a funny thing happened. When I looked at the jar of jelly beans, it struck me that those jelly beans were like my friends. The jelly beans, like my friends, come in many different colors and flavors. But underneath, we are the same. What we have in common is far more important and outweighs our differences and anything we may have in conflict.  I am blessed to be in the jar of life with you. Say amen if you are a jelly bean with me.people are like jelly beans