Aisles: A Father’s Thoughts

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Aisles are everywhere, and we usually don’t take notice of them unless they are crowded or blocked. Costco, Whole Foods, Macy’s, Trader Joes, Saks, Neiman Marcus, Sports Authority, the Pikes Place Fish Market, all have aisles. Parking lots have aisles. Theaters have aisles. Trains have aisles. Buses have aisles. Planes have aisles. But outside of those transportation related aisles, the one I most frequently traverse every Sunday is for praise and worship in church.

I am starting to look at the aisles in church a bit differently now. At least to me, church aisles seem to be getting bigger, growing in length, and narrowing in breadth between pew rows. Why? Because, to borrow a phrase from an Andre Crouch spiritual, “soon, very soon” my princess will become a queen, meeting King Sean at the altar of Holy matrimony, and as father of the bride, I will be walking her down…

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