The Challenge of Changing Times–Part I

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A Functional Business Global Positioning Satellite System

To Meet The Challenge of Changing Times


 This article consists of several sections, with a few pages in each section. The sections are independent of each other and do not have to be reviewed in order, so if, for example, you are only interested in the  secton on Eight Rules To Use, feel free to go to that section first, or if you are only interested in the Fifteen Action Steps To Take, then feel free to go to that section first. Here are the sections:


   I.            Introduction                                                    

II.            Are the Times Challenging? How Do You Know?                                     

 III.        Your Business Model and Value Proposition    

IV.         Diagnostics                                                                                                              

 V.            Basic Business Economics Principles for Becoming a Master Business Chef   

 VI.            Two Examples of Entrepreneurial Product Innovation                                    

VII.            Eight Rules 

VIII.            Fifteen Action Steps 

 IX.            Closing Thoughts                                                                                                   

 This article has…

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